Education Committee


Connecting piping system users with PPI technical content about plastic piping and conduit products by utilizing educational tools.


Through the work of PPI Divisions and its Technical Committee, PPI develops excellent technical content. Examples of content include Technical Reports, Technical Notes, Recommendations, Statements, Position Papers, Design Manuals, Installation Guides, Case Studies, Model Specifications, FAQs, software tools, etc.

But if a document, report or tool is not understood, its influence is diminished. Some of the documents are quite technical and require explanations about when and how to apply them, otherwise they don't get used or their full impact is not realized.

Therefore, the Education Committee's role is educating audiences about PPI documents and tools.

PCD Education Tools

The following educational content is available from the Power & Communications Division.

PCD Presentations

  • Selecting & Specifying HDPE Conduit (one-hour CEU-style course)
  • Properly Specifying HDPE Conduit for Power and Communications Projects
  • HDPE Conduit for Power and Communications
  • PCD Webinars

    Benefits of Utility Relocation with HDPE Conduit

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    HDPE Conduit for Power & Communications

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    About This Video Library

    PPI has developed this video channel as a service to the industry. The information presented here is offered in good faith and believed to be accurate, but is offered without any warranty, expressed or implied including WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Any reference to particular proprietary product should not be construed as an endorsement by PPI, which does not endorse the proprietary products or processes of any manufacturer. PPI assumes no responsibility for viewer's compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

    Power & Communications Division

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    A brief overview and introduction to the Power & Communications Division, one of the Divisions of the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI).

    CIC Side by Side Comparison

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    Comparison of installation time for Cable In Conduit, PVC conduit and empty duct.

    CIC Shipping and Handling

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    Information for proper safe handling of Cable in Conduit reels including unreeling

    CIC Preparation and Installation

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    Positioning of the payoff reel and preparing Cable in Conduit for horizontal directional drilling

    CIC Open Trench Installation

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    Installing Cable in Conduit in an open trench

    CIC Directional Boring

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    Basic steps for installing Cable In Conduit using Directional Boring.