Corrugated Plastic Pipe Design Webinar

Structural Design Ch. 7 - Part 1

Part 1 of this 2 part webinar reviews the science and key assumptions built into the Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) methodology used by AASHTO and DOTs across the country to evaluate long-term performance of buried pipe. Jesse Beaver, P.E. and Principal with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, is the featured presenter in Part 1. Jesse was the primary author of Chapter 7 and has been instrumental in guiding the development and implementation of the LRFD methodology for buried structures.

Corrugated Plastic Pipe Design Webinar

Structural Design Ch. 7 & Design Guide - Part 2

In Part 2, Joe Babcanec, P.E. and National Program Manager with ADS, presents how the LRFD methodology has been specifically applied to corrugated plastic pipe design in Chapter 7 of the Drainage Handbook, including guidance on minimum and maximum cover determination. Jason Ahrenholz, P.E. and Prinsco’s Director of Engineering, steps through the specific calculation process for an example design scenario from the Design Guide appendix. A short Q&A session covering both Parts 1 & 2 concludes this session.

Approximately 1 hour in length

Hydrology & Hydraulics Webinar

This 1.5 hour webinar is hosted by Dan Currence, P.E., and features speaker, Dr. Kevin White, P.E. with E.L. Robinson. Dr. White is the primary author of Chapters 5 & 6 of the Drainage Handbook. In this webinar, he shares key content about Hydrology and Hydraulic Design for corrugated plastic pipe.

Resiliency & Plastic Pipe Webinar

Please make sure to join Dr. Michael Pluimer, Dan Figola, and me on July 29th for an informative webinar on resiliency and corrugated plastic pipe. During this webinar, we will provide a comprehensive look at the elements that define resiliency for buried pipe, identify the elements of resiliency most critical to transportation officials, and discuss how corrugated plastic pipe fulfills the engineering needs for resilient and sustainable infrastructure.

Installation Training for Corrugated Plastic Pipe Webinar

Drainage Handbook Ch. 9 - Installation and Construction Procedures

Approximately 1.5 hours in length

Video with Spanish subtitles available here

Video con subtitulos en español aquí

Sustainability and Corrugated Plastic Pipe

Watch Dan Currence, Dr. Chris DeArmitt, and Dr. Michael Pluimer discuss Sustainability and Corrugated Plastic Pipe in this informative webinar. This webinar provide a comprehensive look at sustainability and how corrugated HDPE and PP pipe is the sustainable choice for drainage, retention and detention applications with a lower overall carbon footprint due to longer operating life, ease of handling, and resilience to disasters as well as normal stressors.

Approximately 1 hour in length

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Agriculture and Native Soil Installation

Watch Dan Currence and Joe Babcanec discuss the installation of corrugated plastic pipe in native soils. Compared to other types of drainage installation, installing corrugated pipe in an agricultural setting typically involves the use of soils that are already present in the field for the foundation, haunching, and backfill as well as involving some specialized installation equipment and techniques.

Approximately 40 minutes in length

Note: If a PDH certificate is desired following completion of a webinar please contact Kelly Heyne