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Gas Distribution Plastic Pipe Leak Test Pressure Calculator

Gas Distribution Plastic Pipe Leak Test Pressure Calculator

This web application determines leak test pressure for plastic gas distribution pipe as per US Federal Code Title 49 Part 192.513.

Note: Verify all input data before looking at results. Data input should progress from left to right. Selections in 1st column limit selections in 2nd column.

Pipe Input Data


  • Users of this calculator must have knowledge of the PPI TR4 (PPI TR-4) HDB values and requirements under §192.121 for the material selected for test.
  • In Federal Code, 140°F is the highest recognized temperature for an established HDB. If plastic pipe temperature is above 140°F at the time of test or if the minimum test pressure exceeds the maximum allowed test pressure, the test should be delayed until the pipe cools.

Pipe Input Data


49CFR192.121 Design Pressure (P) Formula

\displaystyle \displaystyle P = \frac{2S}{(SDR-1)}(DF)

*Intermediate Yield Stress (S) value determined through interpolation. PPI TR-3/2012 requires interpolation of LTHS values. This calculator uses HDB values.


Allowable Test Pressure Range based on Test Pipe Temperature
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