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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't get past the Code of Conduct Page 
    • This is a known issue. Use Ctrl + "-" to shrink your webpage content so you can see the "Accept" box. Use Ctrl + "+" to adjust your screen back to your preferred magnification. 
  • I can't see a group that I expect to see
    • Contact your Division staff to verify that a group has been established for that specific committee or project.
  • How do I adjust my DIGEST email settings? 
    • In the desktop app go to your picture or initials icon at the top right of the page, select Account Settings from the drop-down.  From this Setting page select Notifications from the left pane to see your current Digest Email frequency for each of your groups.  We recommend daily for active/important groups you wish to monitor.  The realtime option may result in a large volume of emails
  • What is the mobile app called? 
    •  When initially downloading or when looking for the PPI Community on your mobile device search for the Tradewing app.  Enter the email address used to login to the PPI Member Portal.  You will receive a verification email; open the email directly on your device to complete the registration.
  • How do I adjust the Notifications frequency my mobile app? 
    •  In the mobile app click on the ... and then select Push Notification Settings under the Account heading.  We recommend that you turn off the Likes and Votes to avoid excessive notifications
  • How do I report an inappropriate post
    • To report a post click on the ... associated with the post and select Report This Post.  Be sure to press Confirm on your submission
  • How do I adjust my Privacy Settings
    • Adjust your Privacy Settings from the desktop app.  To do this go to your picture or initials icon at the top right of the page then select Account Settings from the drop-down.  From this Settings page select Privacy from the left pane to see your current Privacy settings.  You may also refer to the Security and Privacy video on the PPI Community Support Page.
  • Where do I find the Code of Conduct, Privacy, and Terms and Conditions for the PPI Community
    • In the desktop app go to your picture or initials icon at the top right of the page then select Code of Conduct from the drop-down.  Look for the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service selection at the bottom of the left pane. From the mobile app click on the ... and scroll to the Community Standards and Policy section.
  • How do I use the Event feature?
    • PPI is not implementing the Event feature at this time
  • How do I use TAGS?
    • You may associate an existing Tag with any post and you may also subscribe to a Tag to be notified of any post with the Tag. You may use the search function to search for an existing Tag and you can contact Support using the link on the Community landing page if you would like a new Tag to be added.
  • How does the Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature work?
    • The PPI Community browser app uses Single-Sign-On (SSO) technology that leverages your PPI Member Portal credentials to simplify access to the platform so that you don't need to login each time.  Your PPI Member Portal credentials are never shared with the PPI Community Platform host (Tradewing).  If you are concerned about security we recommend logging out of both PPI Community and the PPI Member Portal when you are not actively using the platform.
  • Does the PPI Community Platform host (Tradewing) have it's own Terms of Service?
    • Yes, users of the PPI Community Platform are subject to Tradewing's End-User Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

PPI Community How-To Videos

How to Access PPI Community

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Using Direct Messaging

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Profile Privacy and Notifications

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Using Discussion Groups

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Additional Information


  • Announcement - A Post (see Post) that is immediately sent to all group members and included in the Announcements banner of the group, until it is removed. Only administrator and moderators can issue Announcements.
  • Article - Extended length post (see Post), typically a blog.
  • Bell Icon - Provides notifications of posts.
  • Direct Messaging - Similar to texting it allows you to communicate outside the existing groups and directly with one or more PPI members through the platform.
  • Group - Any PPI designated group such as a division, committee, or project with a roster of members. Groups are setup around a specific topic or purpose. This includes the All PPI Members group
  • Pin - Similar to an announcement but it is not immediately sent to group members. It will be pinned to the Announcement banner until removed. Only administrator and moderators can pin Posts.
  • Post - Any written submission with a discussion group. Typically the first post within a discussion but could also be applied to a reply or comment associated with another Post. A Post could be a simple post, or using the platform features, be a Question, Poll, or Article.
  • PPI Community - PPI's platform that provides members and staff to interact through discussion and direct messaging, along with sharing resources.
  • Speech Bubble - This provides an indication of the number of comments/replies received when associated with a post or comment. Alternately, on the main interface, it provides your Notifications related to your groups.


  • All users if the platform agree to the PPI Code of Conduct, PPI Code of Ethics, and the PPI Antitrust Policy in the use of the platform
  • PPI does not condone breaches of these policies and requires your help in monitoring the platform
  • Users should flag inappropriate posts so that it can be moderated by PPI Staff. Flagged posts will automatically be withdrawn and PPI Staff will be notified. PPI Staff will review the post and take suitable action
  • To report a post click on the ... associated with the post in question and select Report This Post then press Confirm to confirm the submission
  • Please email PPI Staff if you have any other concerns regarding user behavior