PPI will do its best to keep this information up to date but we encourage you to refer to the websites for the various organizations whose meetings are listed below for the most accurate information.

PPI Meetings

2023 Semi Annual Sunday Oct 15 - Wednesday Oct 18, 2023 Nashville, TN
2024 Annual Monday May 13 - Thursday May 16, 2024 Manalapan, FL
PPI HSB Meeting Tuesday August 27 - Friday August 30, 2024  Myrtle Beach, SC
2024 Semi Monday Oct 21 - Thursday Oct 24, 2024 Irving, TX
PPI HSB Meeting  Monday February 3 - Wednesday February 5, 2025  Destin, FL 
2025 Annual Monday May 12 - Thursday May 15, 2025 Indian Wells, CA 
2025 Semi Annual Monday Oct 20 - Thursday Oct 23, 2025 Mobile, AL
2026 Semi Annual Monday, Sept 28 - Thursday Oct 1, 2026 Reno, NV

Industry Meetings 2024

Jan 7-11
Transportation Research Board
Washington DC
Feb 5-7 AASHTO Washington Brief Washington, DC
Feb 18-21  SPE Polyolefins Conference Galveston, TX
Feb 6-8 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Zoom, Virtual
Feb 6-8 PPI HSB Meeting Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 24-27 Association of Plastic Recyclers Conference Grapevine, TX
Apr 2-4 ASTM E60 TC Meeting Virtual
Apr 8 ASTM Sustainability & Resiliency of Plastic Symposium Philadelphia, PA
Apr 8-10 ASTM F17  Philadelphia, PA
Apr 23-26  AASHTO Annual Meeting Madison, WI
May 6-8 IAPMO Uniform Plumbing Code TC Meeting  Anaheim, CA
May 6-10
2024 NPE Plastics Show Orlando, FL
May 9-10 IAPMO Unform Mechanical Code TC Meeting Anaheim, CA
May 12-17 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Arizona, AZ
May 30 CSA B137 TC Toronto, ON 
Jun 15-21  ASSHTO Committee on Bridges & Structures Indianapolis, IN
Jun 22-27  AASHTO Committee on Evaluation & Audit Solutions Kansas City, MO
Aug 4-8 AASHTO Committee on Materials & Pavement Madison, WI
Aug 11-16 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Zoom, Virtual
Oct 9 -11 ASTM E60 TC Meeting Orlando, FL
Oct 21-25 ICO TC138 Plenary Meeting Paris, France
Nov 11-13 ASTM F17 TC Meeting Orlando, FL
Dec 3 CSA B1800 TC Meeting Toronto, Ontario Canada
Dec 4  CSA B137 TC Meeting Toronto, Ontario Canada

Industry Meetings 2025

 Apr 7-9 ASTM F17 Meeting Toronto, ON
Apr 9-11 ASTM E60 TC Meeting Toronto, ON
May 5-8 IAPMO UPC/UMC TC Meetings TBD
Nov 10-12 ASTM F17 Meeting Atlanta, GA

For more information, please contact Gerianne Cain at (469) 499-1058, or email Gerianne Cain .