The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has created a very fluid situation in regard to upcoming industry meeting dates. PPI will do its best to keep this information up to date but for the time being, we encourage you to refer to the websites for the various organizations whose meetings are listed below for the most accurate information.

PPI Meetings

HSB Meeting Tuesday August 9 - Thursday August 11, 2022
Sacramento, CA
2022 Semi Sunday Oct 16 - Wednesday Oct 19, 2022 Louisville, KY
2023 Annual Tuesday May 9 - Friday May 12, 2023 Maui, HI
2023 Semi Sunday Oct 15 - Wednesday Oct 18, 2023 Nashville, TN
2024 Annual Monday May 13 - Thursday May 16, 2024 Manalapan, FL
2024 Semi Monday Oct 21 - Thursday Oct 24, 2024 Irving, TX
2025 Annual Monday May 12 - Thursday May 15, 2025 Indian Wells, CA 
2026 Semi Annual Monday, Sept 28 - Thursday Oct 1, 2026 Reno, NV

Industry Meetings 2023

 Jan 8-12
 Drainage Expo
Des Moines, IA
 Jan 8-12  Transportation Research Board Washington DC
 Jan 31-Feb 2  NAHB IBS Builders Show Las Vegas, NV
 Feb 6-8  AHR Expo & ASHRAE Conference Atlanta, GA
 Feb 7-9  PPI HSB Meeting Miami, FL
 Feb 28-Mar 2
 AASHTO Washington Brief
Washington DC
 Mar 3-8  Power & Communications Contractor Association (PCCA) Conference Miami, FL
 Mar 5-8  SPE International Polyolefins Conference (Hybrid) Galveston Island, TX
 Mar 6-8
 Plastics Recycling Conference
Washington DC
 Mar 6-10  ISO TC138 SC4 Gas & SC5 Test Methods Working Group Meeting Delft, Netherlands
 Mar 8-13  Power & Communications Contractor Association (PCCA) Conference Oahu, HI
 Mar 27-30  ANTEC Denver, CO
 Apr 17-20
Denver, CO
 Apr 30-May 4  No Dig Portland, OR
 May 1-4
 Plastics Industry Refocus Conference
Minneapolis, MN
 May 14-19  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week  Las Vegas, NV
 May 31  CSA B1800 Technical Committee TBD
 June 1  CSA B137 Technical Committee TBD
 Jun 11-14  AWWA ACE23 Toronto, ON
 Jun 12-15
 AASHTO NTPEP Conference
Bellevue, WA
 Aug 2-5  Power & Communications Contractor Association (PCCA) Mid-year Conference Lake Tahoe, NV
 Aug 6-8  Power & Communications Contractor Association (PCCA)  Dana Point, CA 
 Aug 6-11  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Zoom, Virtual Meeting
 Aug 12-16  ASCE Pipelines (UESI) San Antonio, TX
 Aug 29-31  ISE Expo Kansas City, MO
 Sept 9-13  AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference Philadelphia, PA
 Sept 12-14  PPI HSB Charlottetown, PEI  Canada
 Sept 24-28  IAPMO Annual Education & Business Conference San Antonio, TX
 Sept 25-27
 PPXXI Conference & Exhibition Lake Buena Vista, FL
 Sept 28 - Oct 1  ASPE Technical Symposium Seattle, WA 
 Oct 9-13  McElroy INFUSION  Tulsa, OK
 Oct 23-27  ISO TC138 Planery Meeting  Abu Dhabi, United   Arab Emirates 
 Nov 6-8  ASTM F17  Washington DC
Nov 12-17  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week   


Industry Meetings 2024

 Jan 7-11
 Transportation Research Board

Washington DC

 Feb 4-9  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Zoom, Virtual Meeting

Apr 8-10

 ASTM F17 Philadelphia, PA 
 May 6-10
 2024 NPE Plastics Show  
 May 12-17  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Arizona, AZ
 Aug 11-16  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Zoom, Virtual Meeting
 Oct 27-Nov 1  ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week Orlando, FL
 Nov 11-13  ASTM F17 Orlando, FL

For more information, please contact Gerianne Cain at (469) 499-1058, or email Gerianne Cain .