• Follows applicable standards from ANSI/AWWA
  • Aids in selection of HDPE pipe for pressurized water distribution and transmission systems
  • Accounts for recurring and occasional transient surges and the design fatigue life of the pipe
  • Provides comparable calculations for PVC and ductile iron pipe following applicable standards
  • PPI-PACE is provided by eTrenchless Group Inc.
  • Go to ppipace.com for more information


  • Follows ASTM F1962 Standard and The PPI Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, 2nd edition
  • Designed to assist in the evaluation of HDPE pipe for installation using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Employs the calculation and framework developed in BOREAID™
  • PPI-BoreAid is provided by eTrenchless Group, Inc
  • Go to PPIBoreaid.com for more information


  • Follows The PPI Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, 2nd edition
  • Assists in the evaluation and selection of HDPE Pipe
  • HDPEapp is provided by eTrenchless Group Inc. 
  • Go to HDPEapp.com for more information


PPI Gas Pipeline Design Calculator
    provided by The Energy Piping Systems Division

  • Uses the General Flow Equation to calculate gas flow in polyethylene pipe
  • Applicable to gas flow in any pipe as long as the correct pipe roughness and internal diameter are entered
  • Will solve for remaining variable if 4 out of 5 variables are entered (Pipe Length, Pipe Internal Diameter, Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Gas Flow Rate)
  • Click HERE for more information

PPI Gas Leak Test Pressure Calculator
    provided by The Energy Piping Systems Division

  • Determines the pressure required to test for leaks in for plastic gas distribution pipe as per US Federal Code Title 49 Part 192.513
  • Users of this calculator must have knowledge of the PPI TR-4 HDB values and requirements under §192.121 for the material selected for test
  • In Federal Code 140°F is the highest recognized temperature for an established HDB. If plastic pipe temperature is above 140°F at the time of test or if the minimum test pressure exceeds the maximum allowed test pressure, the test should be delayed until the pipe cools.
  • Click HERE for more information

PPI Mini-HDD Conduit Design Calculator
    provided by The Power & Communications Division

PPI Plastic Pipe Design Calculator
    provided by The Building & Construction Division

  • Aids in designing plastic pressure pipe and tubing systems using CPVC, HDPE, PEX, PE-RT, PP-R and PP-RCT materials
  • Utilizes dimensional data from ASTM International and CSA Group industry standards for these piping materials, as well as data gathered from various PPI research projects and publications
  • Intended to assist designers using these materials for applications such as plumbing, water service, fire protection, hydronic piping (liquids), radiant heating & cooling, snow & ice melting, geothermal ground loops, district heating, and turf conditioning
  • Main functions include: Pressure/Head Loss, Pipe Weight/Volume, Thermal Expansion/Contraction, Hydraulic Shock, Expansion Arm/Loop, Static Water Column Pressure
  • This Calculator from BCD is easy to use, but we have a free PPI eLearn Short Course that demonstrates how to use the calculator.
  • Go to PlasticPipeCalculator.com for more information