Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe

PPI's Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe describes how polyethylene piping systems continue to provide utilities with cost effective, sustainable and reliable solutions to build and rehabilitate the underground infrastructure. While Chapter 14 is specifically on Duct and Conduit, other chapters (e.g. Chapter 3 on Material Properties and Chapter 12 on Horizontal Directional Drilling) also apply to conduit.

  • Chapter 14 - Duct and Conduit
  • Chapter 12 - Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Chapter 3 - Material Properties
  • HDPE Conduit & Duct Handling Guide

    The HDPE Conduit & Duct Handling Guide (also known as PPI TN-58) provides information about general handling guidelines for reels and coils of HDPE conduit and duct, including the potential risks when cutting open such reels and coils. It also covers a limited range of safety issues regarding the unloading, unwinding, straightening and cutting of PE conduit and duct.


    The Conduit Design Calculator is a software tool that aids in determining the most appropriate wall thickness of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit installed via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques.

  • S-6 - Conduit Design Calculator
  • Model Specifications

  • MS-5 - Model Specification for HDPE Solid Wall Conduit
  • Position Papers

  • Position Paper: The Broadband Conduit Deployment Act of 2017, June 2017
  • Position Paper: Underground vs. Aerial Installation of Power Lines, February 2016
  • Technical Notes

  • TN-48 Guidelines for Choosing Wall Thickness for HDPE Conduit Based on "Mini-HDD" (Horizontal Directional Drilling)
  • TN-50 Guide to Specifying HDPE Conduit
  • TN-58 HDPE Conduit and Duct Handling Guide
  • TN-59 Comparison of HDPE Conduit and Fabric Divider Installed as Innerduct
  • TN-61 Coilable HDPE Conduit Ovality and Coil-Set
  • TN-63 Safe Pull Strength Calculations for Conduit 
  • Technical Reports

  • TR-11 Resistance of Thermoplastic Piping Materials to Micro- and Macro- Biological Attack
  • TR-18 Weatherability of Thermoplastic Piping Systems
  • TR-46 Guidelines for Use of Mini-Horizontal Directional Drilling for Placement of High Density Polyethylene Pipe
    Note: Refer to MAB-7 for municipal water applications or to PPI TN-48 for conduit.
  • TR-47 Pipe Stiffness and Deflection Testing of Coilable HDPE Conduit as Related to Burial Depth
  • TR-54 Aging of HDPE Conduit - new 2023
  • Statements

  • Statement U - PPI Position Statement on the Use of PCR Materials in Polyethylene Pipe & Conduit
  • Statement V - Recommended Color Code for Solid Wall Plastic Pipe and Conduit
  • Statement Z - Use of Calcium Carbonate Additives in HDPE Conduit
  • Statement AC 2023 - Operating 90 °C and 105 °C Rated Cables with HDPE Conduit - New 2023