It is with heartfelt sadness that we tell you of the passing of Eric Shaffer, a stalwart of our industry, and whom many of you know.  For more than a decade, Eric, Chief Engineer of Utilities for the City of Duluth, was an integral part of MAB and PPI, tirelessly devoting his time and expertise to improve the water systems of, not only Duluth, but our entire country.  He passed away on Feb 23 due to injuries from a snowmobile accident, a sport and activity he thoroughly enjoyed.  We know you will join us in expressing our most sincere condolences to his wife, Linnae, his son Kristopher, his whole family, his friends nationwide and his coworkers at the great city of Duluth.



To improve the design, installation, and operation of municipal HDPE water piping systems through the creation of partnerships among utilities, researchers, designers, contractors, and the HDPE industry.


  • Create a team of experts that can objectively advise the municipal industry on issues related to HDPE piping systems
  • Better understand and address the needs of the municipal customers.
  • Perform joint research on HDPE systems to resolve or clarify issues
  • Improve the standards, design and installation of HDPE systems
  • Accelerate and spread the knowledge among all stake holders


Chairpersons: The committee will be chaired jointly by a current or former utility representative and a PPI staff for a renewable 3-year period.

Members: Board Members are selected based on their expertise in the N. American municipal market, and willingness to commit a minimum of 3 years. Initially, PPI will solicit and accept nominations from the industry. Once the Board is established, the Chairpersons will consult with Board members to accept nominations.

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Membership is intended to include:

  • Utilities: 4 - 10 members
  • Consultants: 3 - 5 members
  • Contractors: 3 - 5 members
  • Researchers: 3 - 5 members
  • Associations: PPI, AWWA, ASCE, NASTT: Max. 1 member per group.


The Board meets twice a year at locations designated by the chairs. This is a long-term initiative and is intended to be an ongoing endeavor.

Oversight: The PPI Municipal and Industrial Division (Management Cmt.) will provide the needed resources (budget and staff) and prompt responses to ensure success of this partnership.