General Pipe Installation Procedures

The overall trench construction and pipe placement procedures should be consistent with the recommended pipe design and trench design and construction guidelines. The following sequence of procedures and operations is applicable:

  • Trench depth selected consistent with application and pipe design/selection criteria.
  • Trench width and length segments constructed consistent with pipe size.
  • Trench de-watered or stabilized, as necessary.
  • Bedding material placed, leveled and compacted, as necessary.
  • Pipe placed in trench.
  • Embedment material placed in haunches, and compacted, as necessary.
  • Leak testing of PE pipe and connections, if required before trench backfill
  • Remainder of the primary initial backfill placed and, if required, compacted in lifts.
  • Secondary backfill placed to protect the pipe during the final backfilling and to provide support for the top portion of the pipe.
  • Placement of final backfill, consisting of any qualifying material that satisfies road construction or other requirements and compacted, as necessary.